I will never forget my first soccer camp, a six-week program at Texas Tech that began for summer 2011. It was my first ever camp, but I’ve been coming to tech camps for several years. I’ve seen great results from these camps, and I have to believe that the same is true for the rest of you.

The tech camp, the only tech camp in the world that I have been to, was held on the campus of Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX. It was founded by the same people who founded the Austin, Texas Tech, school, and I was one of the first people admitted to the school. I was a bit nervous going in, but everyone seemed to have a good time and the camp was really well run.

The camp was located in the Tech Center on campus, so the college campus was quite nice. There were also a good number of restaurants and bars scattered around the campus.

I’d planned on taking some of my friends to the camp, but after the first night, I went on the computer anyway and found the site had already gone private. A quick search of the internet found that the camp was still open but for a fee. I could still find the camp on the website and I could go to the camp and check out the website. But I was still afraid that the camp might be shut down because of the fee.

There is no fee in the camps. And if a camp is shut down, they don’t have any money. The site owner is very friendly, though. I’m sure they’ll be back. The camps do have a few rules, though. You can ask for a discount off their normal rates if you’re a long-time reader, and if you’re a new reader, you can get a free subscription to their magazine.

The one thing I really like about the camp is that it’s run by a very good friend so I can watch video of their adventures. When the camp is on the ground, the game will tell you that it’s time to “start your new life.” I have to remember to stay very close to the camp so I can watch the video.

The camp isn’t bad. The rules are a little weird, but that’s expected. The game is fun. And they have a decent sized pool to make up for their rules.

There’s a bunch of other camps around the country. I’d recommend going to one of the ones with the best pool. Most of the ones I’ve been to have the same problem with the rules though: they’re really weird and the rules are almost like a “this year we’re doing the same thing” mentality.

The only problem with the Texas Tech soccer camps, is that they have the same problem with the rules as the rest of the state. Most of the other camps have the same rules as Texas Tech, but are more lenient on the rules. The Texas Tech soccer games are a lot of fun, but they have the same problem as the rest of the state: the rules are weird.


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tech influencers

December 23, 2021
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tulsa tech peoria

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