Practical Strategies to Personalise Your Recruiting Process

Recruiting truck drivers is an ongoing challenge, but there are several tactics you can use to ensure you’re getting the right people on board.

Personalising your hiring process from the outset is one of the best tactics. Driver candidates are likely to sign with a company they feel comfortable working for.

Know Your Industry

In today’s competitive trucking industry, recruiters of all sizes struggle to retain and attract quality drivers. But there are several ways to keep them in your company for the long haul.

First, you should know your industry. It will help you understand where the market is headed and how you can target your recruitment efforts.

Next, you should interview your prospective drivers. It’s essential to ask about their experience with previous employers and why they left. It’s also helpful to ask about their driving habits and why they want to be a truck driver.

Know Your Competition

In the trucking industry, attracting the correct drivers is a challenge. With a shortage of experienced truckers and an increasingly digital workforce, companies must be creative in their recruitment marketing to find the best drivers with the help of truck driver recruiters.

One of the best ways to attract top truck drivers is to offer a sign-on bonus. It incentivizes candidates to choose your company over other carriers, making them more serious about their application and future with you.

Another way to stand out is to provide a full-spectrum health benefits package. It shows that your company puts the health and well-being of its employees above all else.

Know Your Drivers

Trucking companies constantly compete for drivers; getting the right ones will make your trucking business much more effective. While hiring the correct drivers is a challenge, it can be done with some strategy and willingness to prioritise driver satisfaction.

It’s also important to know your drivers before you hire them. Take the time to learn what they like, dislike and want from your company.

The ability of the driver to operate the sort of equipment they will be driving is one of the first factors to consider. You might require them to get CDL endorsements on certain types of vehicles, for example, if you use reefers or other large cargo trucks.

Another way to know your drivers is to ask for references and run background checks. These will give you a better understanding of their professional skills and ability to handle stressful situations promptly.

Know Your Needs

Defining your needs before you start recruiting can help save time and resources by filtering out candidates that don’t meet your qualifications. Identifying your needs upfront will make it easier for your driver recruiter to match the correct drivers with your company’s culture and environment.

A big part of your driver recruitment strategy is demonstrating that you are an employer who values their time and career. It will help keep your current drivers satisfied and attract new ones.

Ensure your company’s safety standards are high by investing in routine truck maintenance, onboard telematics, and safety equipment. It will also help you maintain a safe, supportive work environment that will encourage drivers to stick around.

Know Your Benefits

Researching and legwork is the best way to get the ball rolling on your driver recruitment campaign. You’ll want to look at what other companies are doing, what their drivers are up to and how you can best compete for the top talent throne. Finding out what potential workers seek in a new profession is best accomplished by combining internet and offline sources. It will help you narrow down the competition and make a smoother transition for your new hires. You’ll also be better prepared for your initial round of interviews and road tests for those candidates that didn’t cut.

Recruiting the proper truck drivers is about knowing what they want and delivering on that promise.

Know Your Incentives

To recruit the proper truck drivers, you need to know what they expect from their employers. It includes compensation.

Drivers seek jobs with competitive salaries or cents per mile (CPM). It’s also important to offer comprehensive benefits, especially health insurance.

Rewarding safe drivers with quarterly bonuses will promote consistent driving practices, essential for reducing turnover and attracting new drivers.

Another incentive that can help you recruit the correct drivers is a strong employee retirement program. It can help attract millennials and Gen Z candidates looking for a long-term career with a company that values them.

Know Your Value

Truck drivers want to work for companies that make a difference in their lives and the communities they serve. That means emphasising a company’s mission in addition to its pay and benefits packages.

Drivers also value ongoing training opportunities. Offering these upskilling programs alongside growth opportunities will help them thrive as they build a career in the industry.

When you’re hiring, consider the drivers you already have in your fleet and learn how they’ve been able to grow with your company. If you can share these stories, it will give potential hires confidence that your company is the right one for them to work for.

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