Why Should You Consider Lab Created Diamonds?

Diamonds are one of the most valuable gems on earth and also the most beautiful. If you are looking for jewelry, consider making a piece out of lab grown diamonds.

Lab created diamonds are not just a trend — they’re a growing market. The demand for lab grown diamonds continues to grow at a rapid speed. 

Customers are looking for bigger stones at affordable rates for their jewelry needs. Lab created diamonds have become a marketable alternative to conflict-related diamonds. So many companies are now offering them as an alternative to mined stones.

Lab grown diamonds are a type of synthetic diamond created in a lab. They are 100% natural and have the same chemical makeup as mined diamonds. The only difference is the unique process that’s used when creating them. 

A diamond is a stone cut and polished to achieve its full brilliance. There are many diamonds, but the primary types are lab created and natural. Lab created diamonds have been created in laboratories using man-made technology.

Natural diamonds come from the Earth, while lab created diamonds come from a lab. But you need to understand that these two types of diamonds are not interchangeable. They are different in their glimmer, structure, and color.

Read on to discover what makes lab created diamonds such an excellent option.

What Are Lab Created Diamonds?

Lab created diamonds are not natural diamonds; they’re manufactured. Additionally, they are a new, exciting option in the world of jewelry. They have the same chemical composition as mined diamonds. But they also have their own set of benefits.

Lab grown diamonds are created by heating carbon and other materials at high temperatures and pressures. This is necessary as they help to create crystals that resemble diamond crystals. The process is similar to the steps in making glass or semiconductors but with much finer results.

Moreover, these lab created diamonds are manufactured using a variety of processes. The good thing is that you can tailor the result to customers’ specific needs. CVD, or chemical vapor deposition, is one of the most common approaches. HPHT (High Pressure, High Temperature) is another common process for creating lab grown diamonds. 

Greater Purity and Quality

Lab created diamonds have a higher color saturation than mined diamonds. Therefore, this is a better alternative if you want more brilliance and sparkle. In addition, their clarity is often better than mined diamonds. This is because it doesn’t have the cloudiness that comes from impurities in the stone.

Natural diamonds contain trace amounts of these impurities because they come from a natural source. Lab created diamonds are purer than their naturally occurring counterparts. And one of the main reasons is that they don’t have any imperfections.

Besides, many options and qualities compared to natural diamonds make them more popular.  Lab created diamonds are available in all shapes and sizes. They range from classic round prongs to heart-shaped gems. 

Also, they can be set in rings or earrings or used as pendants.

Moreover, you can’t ignore the greater clarity of Lab created diamonds compared to natural diamonds. This is because they don’t have any impurities or imperfections like scratches or nicks. Additionally, unlike natural stones, these stones are less likely to oxidize over time.

Ethically Produced

Lab created diamonds are also 100% conflict-free. That means there’s no chance of weapons manufacturers or human rights abusers hiding their efforts behind a lab grown diamond.

These lab grown diamonds are an excellent option for consumers who want to buy something ethically sourced but want to avoid paying the price for a natural diamond. 

Optical Properties Identical to Natural Diamonds

The first thing you notice about lab grown diamonds is that they are identical to natural diamonds. They are completely natural in every way, including their optical properties. If you inspect lab grown diamonds visually, they are just like natural diamonds. Moreover, they also have the same fire and brilliance as well-cut mined stones.

Environmentally Friendly

Lab created diamonds are made using environmentally friendly processes and materials. The carbon footprint associated with this type of jewelry is significantly lower than that of traditionally mined diamonds. This makes them an attractive choice for those concerned about their environmental impact.

The process of creating lab created diamonds is still relatively new. Therefore, more research is being done to determine any possible negative environmental impact. This is because more people continue to choose this option over mined diamonds.

Guaranteed Origins 

Diamonds are one of the most popular gems in the world and have been used as jewelry for centuries. The beauty and durability of natural diamonds are well known. But many people today are beginning to lean towards lab created diamonds. 

This is because they’re relatively cheaper than natural stones. They’re cheaper because they don’t require mining. Besides, they also come with certificates showing their origins according to international protocols. 

Consistent Quality

One benefit that lab created diamonds offer is their consistency in appearance and quality. There are no variations in size or color from one gem to another — just like natural diamonds. 

Another advantage is that they don’t react chemically to water or other substances like other gemstones. So this is a plus, as they don’t fade as quickly as other stones.

Versatility and Style

Lab created diamonds can be customized to suit your needs in any way you like. You can choose from various colors, shapes, and sizes at competitive prices. Additions such as special treatments will also allow you to create unique pieces that reflect your style.

They can be cut in any shape, size, or color and have excellent clarity and sparkle.

Affordable Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds have many advantages over mined diamonds. They are cheaper than mined diamonds and can be produced in higher quantities. First, you need to understand they do not need to be treated with heat or chemicals. And what this means is that these stones can be used in all types of jewelry. The only caveat is to ensure they meet industry standards for quality and durability.

The downside to lab created diamonds is that they aren’t as rare as mined diamonds. So this affects their value as they don’t command quite as much money per carat. But if you’re looking for something unique and beautiful, this could be just what you’re looking for!

You can purchase them at a fraction of the cost of an authentic diamond ring or earrings from your local jewelry store. You may find them less expensive than many other types of gemstones out there, such as rubies or sapphires!

Final Thoughts

Lab grown gems are becoming popular among consumers because of their affordability, versatility, and quality. If you love the look of natural diamonds, but don’t want to pay for the cost and maintenance of a natural stone, then lab created diamonds could be a great option.

A lab created diamond is a perfect alternative to mined diamonds. Lab created diamonds allow the creation of an unlimited number of stones with all the same characteristics as mined diamonds.

They offer the same optical properties as their natural counterparts. And so they act as a great alternative to mined diamonds. Lab created diamonds are also better for the environment. 

A lab-made diamond has a much higher quality than what you’d get from natural stones. This is because they have higher clarity levels and more color saturation. 

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