Breaking news from Rajkot – a man has been found to have an extremely rare blood group known as Emm-negative. This discovery marks the 11th such case worldwide and has sent the medical community into a frenzy. Rajkotupdates.news has the exclusive story of the man who holds this unique blood group.


The man, who has asked to remain anonymous, was shocked to discover that he had a blood group that is not only rare but practically unheard of. After a routine blood test, the doctors informed him that his blood type was Emm-negative. Upon further investigation, it was found that he was only the second person in India with this blood type.

11th case worldwide!

This discovery is significant as it marks the 11th time this blood group has been found anywhere in the world. The rarity of this blood type has made it difficult for medical professionals to study, and the few cases of it have been meticulously documented.

Emm-negative blood discovered

Emm-negative blood is exceptionally rare and unique. The blood type is missing a specific protein called the Emm antigen, making it incompatible with most other blood types. This makes it challenging to find suitable blood donors in case of emergencies.

What are the odds?

The odds of someone having this blood type are said to be one in several million. This rare blood group is particularly prevalent in the indigenous population of Taiwan, where the first case was discovered in the 1970s.

Meet the man with unique blood

The man with Emm-negative blood is a 27-year-old Rajkot resident who works in the IT industry. He is thrilled to have made medical history and is eager to see how his blood type can be beneficial in future medical research.

Rajkotupdates.news exclusive

Rajkotupdates.news had the privilege of speaking with the man and discovering more about his unique blood type. He expressed his gratitude to the medical professionals who had discovered his blood type and was excited about the possibilities this discovery could bring.rajkotupdates.news:emm-negative-rare-blood-group-found-in-rajkot-man-11th-such-case-worldwide

Blood group breakthrough

This discovery is a significant breakthrough in medical research. The rarity of this blood type means that it has not been studied as extensively as other blood types. The discovery of another person with this blood type could lead to more research and breakthroughs in the medical field.


The discovery of Emm-negative blood in Rajkot is a cause for celebration. It is rare to come across such a unique case, and it highlights the power of science and medical research.

Worldwide medical discovery

The discovery of Emm-negative blood in Rajkot is not just significant in India but worldwide. The rarity of this blood type means that it is not often found, and the discovery of someone with this blood type has implications for medical research globally.

The power of science

This discovery is a testament to the power of science and medical research. It shows that there is still much to be discovered in the medical field, and every discovery has the potential to change lives and improve our understanding of the human body.

One-of-a-kind blood

The discovery of Emm-negative blood in Rajkot is a one-of-a-kind occurrence. It is a rare discovery that has the potential to lead to many more breakthroughs in the medical field.

Rajkot man makes medical history

The man from Rajkot with Emm-negative blood has officially made medical history. His unique blood type is a significant discovery that could lead to many more breakthroughs in the medical field. It is an exciting time for medical research and science as we continue to make discoveries that change lives.

This discovery is a cause for celebration, and we look forward to seeing how this rare blood type will be studied and used in future medical research. Rajkotupdates.news will be sure to keep you updated on any further developments.

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