The Houston Texans are on a bye this week and the Texas Tech Red Raiders are in Seattle. The first two weeks of the season for the Red Raiders are in the books and we are looking forward to seeing how this game will turn out. We are confident that the Red Raiders will be able to win this game and that the second half of the game will be very competitive.

Well, it is hard to say right now. Tech is playing much better than they did last year and the Red Raiders have a great head coach. After the first two weeks, I think it is safe to say that Tech will be better than last year.

Tech has a great quarterback in redshirt freshman redshirt junior junior Zach Smith. He’s tough and smart enough to get the job done and he is also, by far, the best player on the team. Smith leads the team in passing (he has a 72.3 passer rating) and he’s also the team’s most versatile player.

I love Tech. I really love Tech and I am a Tech fan. But now that Tech is playing well, I think Tech looks like a team that could slip to a 7-5 finish. With this many talented players, I doubt that Tech is going to be a bad team. Even if Tech doesn’t do as good of a job this year as they did last year, they still have the talent and the roster to compete in the next couple of years.

If Tech does well, it will be one of the best programs in the SEC. I’m not saying that I want Tech to go 9-5 or even 8-6. But its better than the 7-5 they were last year and I think that Tech can compete with anyone in the SEC if they play as well as they are currently playing. If Tech can pull a upset and beat Kentucky or Alabama or Ole Miss, they could be a top 10 team in the SEC.

They’ve had one of the best recruiting classes in the SEC over the last few years. I’m not saying that they’re going to get all of the top recruits, but they have some of the best talent in the country.

I’ll say Tech has a lot of talent, but I think that they lack a lot of depth. They have a good team, but they don’t have the best talent. This is where the recruiting will be key. Tech also has a good coach, but he has a lot of talent on his roster. I think that they have the talent to win multiple conference championships, but they have to have the right coach. I also don’t think that they have the best coach in the country.

The goal is to get a lot of good players into the college football draft. As a guy with no college degrees, I can’t get enough of it. In the end, they have a lot of talented players that are ready to jump into the college game. I think that Tech is going to have a good team to contend with in this league.

Tech has had a lot of success in the past couple years. It seems like they’re finally getting it right, and they are going to have a really good season. I think that they will be a good team to contend with in the future.


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