I love tech n9ne guns. I have some of his books on my bedside table and I play “technomancy” every chance I get. I’ve heard that he’s a pretty great poet, and I’m always happy to hear about his poetry, especially when I read it.

Tech n9ne is a gamer. He plays games like Call of Duty and Gears of War. He also seems to be pretty good at gaming. His games, in fact, are awesome. I mean, he’s only played around ten of them, but they’re a lot like those shooters I’ve played. They’re fun, but they’re also really intense and you have to spend a lot of time running and gunning and dodging bullets.

Of course, when we say he’s good at games, we mean he’s pretty good at games. When we say he’s good at games, we mean hes a pretty good rapper. He did a whole song for us about his gaming experience called “Gaming Is A Way Of Life,” which is basically a song about how he hates being on Twitter and he hates watching videos. The dude is a pretty good rapper but he could use some work on his game skills.

That’s not to say he’s not great at his game. Tech N9ne also wrote a song called “Dont Get Fat” for us last year. It’s basically a song about how he’d rather be in the gym than on Twitter.

Theres also a video that we found of him doing some sort of dance. It’s pretty good though.

It says he plays a very violent game called Dont Get Fat. In that game, you have to shoot all the people who are trying to kill you. In the video, it seems like he’s doing this with his fingers. So we wonder if he could also be shooting himself in the head.

Actually, I think there is a video that he did a few years ago that sort-of makes us think of that. The video appears to be a mash-up of a few different videos of him playing videogames. It’s mostly the same thing, but he is constantly jumping around and doing other stuff.

I’m pretty sure that’s a reference to “Dont Get Fat.” The video was uploaded in July, 2008. It’s the first video in the game that contains footage of him playing videogames.

A video from just a few years ago that shows a video game character jumping around is almost like a video game itself. And its almost like a video game because it shows a lot of video-game-ness. Especially since the video also includes footage of him murdering people.

Yeah, that’s because this is the first video in the game to show a video game character murdering people. You’ll also notice that this video is actually pretty bloody. The video shows him cutting off his left ear with a knife and using it as a weapon.


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tech influencers

tech influencers

December 23, 2021
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tulsa tech peoria

December 23, 2021

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