I have a job, and I’m paying for it. I’m not working for cash. I’m working for a very significant amount of money, and it’s worth every second. I have a life, and I have to choose my ways and my time accordingly.

If you are earning enough money to cover your expenses for a while, you are spending your time wisely. But that doesn’t mean you don’t still need to work. You still need to put forth a significant amount of effort to earn a living, and that is what surgery techs do.

Surgery techs (in the US) are employed as either medical assistants or surgical technologists. The medical assistant is responsible for performing non-medical related tasks like administrative duties, patient care, and transportation. The surgical technologist is responsible for performing medical related tasks like surgical procedures, biopsy, and laboratory tests.

Surgery techs are in high demand for their flexibility, autonomy, and ability to perform medical related tasks without being directly involved with a patient. Surgery techs are employed at hospitals around the country. They work in surgical intensive care units, operating rooms, and other medical suites.

Surgery tech salaries are relatively high, typically around $50,000 to $60,000 per year, and the demand is high as there are many more people in the U.S. who are eligible to apply than there are jobs available. As the demand has grown, so has the number of jobs available.

Surgery techs work in several different settings, including a hospital operating room and a surgical intensive care unit. The operating room can be a very sterile environment, where the techs work in a sterile environment without being directly involved with a patient.

That said, you don’t have to be a doctor, just someone who wants to work in a surgical setting. That makes it much easier to get the job. Additionally, you don’t have to have any formal training either. You just need to be very bright and eager to learn.

It’s a very competitive field with a lot of opportunity, so the pay is very good. The pay is based on the skill level you’ve attained, so it’s not based on years of experience or even years of schooling.

Surgery is usually a one-year deal. You usually have to pass a general surgery exam to get the job. The job is also a lot more involved than you might imagine. You have to learn the entire procedure, including the incisions, which can be done under a microscope, so you can get even more advanced skills. You also have to learn how to operate surgical instruments, so you can actually do the job.

Surgical techs in general demand a pretty hefty salary, but even top level doctors have to be pretty proficient. For example, you can expect a S.T. to earn about the same as a doctor, but to be able to do the job you’ll have to be able to read and interpret X-rays and ultrasound. It’s the most critical skill you’ll need for a surgical tech, and most doctors don’t even have that.


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