CableNET”A Turnkey Demonstration Opportunity

  • Pavilion design and construction.
  • Demonstration pedestal (3′ x 4.5′).
  • Equipment rack space in a designated head-end location.
  • Pedestal identification signage.
  • Connectivity to each CableNET demonstration pedestal.
    • Electricity.
    • Internet.
    • Cable feed.
  • Printed CableNET demonstration guide.
  • Security coverage outside of show floor hours.
  • In-booth conference rooms which vendors can book for private meetings through show hours.
  • Up to five (5) Exhibitor Staff badges for entrance onto the show floor.
  • $11,500 per demonstration pedestal (discounted to $8,500 for CableNET vendors who have main show floor space contracted directly with The Cable Show”proof of contracted space required in order to receive discounted CableNET pricing).
CABLENET® ’14 AT THE 2014 CABLE SHOW » Los Angeles, CA » April 29 -May 1, 2014exhibitors”apply on-line nowAPPLICATION DEADLINE: March 7, 2014


CableNET® is an educational and technical exhibit designed to showcase the technology, products, services, and applications that the cable television industry is capable of delivering to consumers. CableNET is co-sponsored by Cable Television Laboratories, Inc. (CableLabs®), and the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA), and at the The Cable Show 2014. In large part but not exclusively, the CableNET 2014 exhibit will be keenly interested in innovative companies whose technology powers the concept of any content delivered anywhere, any time to any device.

The Cable Show 2014 is the cable & telecommunication industry’s largest international convention and exposition. The Cable Show 2014 will be held in Los Angeles, CA, April 29th – May 1, 2014

CableLabs is soliciting proposals from service/application developers, manufacturers, cable operators, and cable programmers for demonstrations to be considered for possible inclusion in CableNET.

CableNET provides an opportunity for cable technologists to demonstrate how the industry is maintaining its technology leadership position in an increasingly competitive marketplace. The CableNET exhibit will emphasize next generation broadband content and applications with technology as an enabling tool; demonstrate innovations in products and services including advanced VoIP; and highlight the benefits of the industry’s cutting-edge broadband services.

cablenet objectives

  • To emphasize broadband content, services, and applications with technology as an enabling tool.
  • To demonstrate innovations in content and services.
  • To demonstrate the benefits of new broadband services to public officials, the media, the financial community, and others interested in the future of cable television.

cablenet benefits

  • Participation in CableNET assures high visibility with members of the national and international media, as well as senior decision-making executives from the top North American cable operating companies, members of the analyst community, and public officials.
  • Possible exposure to venture capital (VC) opportunities through CableLabs’ well-attended annual VC Forum, which is open only to privately-held companies.
  • A must see¯ exhibit on VIP tours at The 2014 Cable Show.
  • CableNET participation provides tremendous value and opportunity for those companies that may not be traditional cable industry suppliers, as well as those companies that are traditional suppliers.

exhibit information

CableNET ’14 management

A CableNET project manager will be the main point of contact on all issues during the planning process and at the The 2014 Cable Show site.

CableNET ’14 fees

The CableNET ’14 fee of $11,500 ($8,500* for those companies who also are exhibiting in their own booth or executive suite elsewhere on the The 2014 Cable Show exhibit floor) per display area will be used to pay for professional management and for other incurred costs, such as exhibit property, booth design and construction, public relations, marketing, and other demonstration-related costs, which the co-sponsors may deem appropriate (please see Payment Due for details). CableNET is designed to break even financially.

Start up companies should inquire about special rates for the 2014 event.

*To qualify for the discounted CableNET price, the exhibitor must submit a copy of the NCTA/The 2014 Cable Show booth space contract to the CableNET Project Manager. No discount will be authorized prior to submission of such contract verification. Please be advised that qualification for the discounted CableNET price is available only to vendors who have directly executed a contract for additional space on the NCTA/The 2014 Cable Show floor. No discount is allowed for vendors who are participating in other NCTA/The 2014 Cable Show partner booths, unless that vendor can provide a copy of an NCTA/The 2014 Cable Show contract stating the vendor as the contracting party for that partner space.

demonstration materials

Each demonstrating company will be provided with a:

  • A 3-foot deep x 4.5-foot wide demonstration pedestal with full-width monitor shelf.
  • Pedestal signage.
  • Listing of company contact information and URL-printed in the CableNET Information Kit, which will be distributed to CableNET visitors, as well as provided to media who visit the press room.
  • Demonstration listing in The 2014 Cable Show exhibit directory (electronic and hard copy guide versions).


  • The company (exhibitor) responding to this RFP must be the primary company on each display area; subletting display areas is not allowed. If the exhibitor works closely with another supplier on the demonstration proposed for CableNET, that supplier may be included in the exhibitor’s demonstration pedestal no additional cost.
  • The partnering company’s name will be listed on the display area sign in smaller type below the CableNET participant.
  • The partnering company is not eligible for a separate listing in the CableNET Information Kit, or the The 2014 Cable Show exhibit directory, but can be referenced within the primary participant’s demo description”as submitted by the primary participant.
  • The company responding to this RFP will be the primary participant and will be responsible for payment as well as working with partner company(ies) for planning.

technical details


  • Enclosed equipment racks will be provided in the CableNET headend area
  • Each rack will accept standard 19-inch rack-mounted pieces of equipment
  • The headend, as well as each demonstration pedestal, will be supplied with 120-volt, 10-ampere powering. Additional powering will be available for a fee.
  • A standard RG-6, 75-ohm coaxial cable and/or Ethernet will be run for each demonstration area as requested.
  • If your needs cannot be met by this arrangement, please identify your issues in the initial RFP response.
  • Any other connections or equipment are the exhibitor’s responsibility and must be coordinated with the CableNET Project Manager.
  • Free-standing equipment racks (as well as literature racks or floor stand signs) are not allowed beside the exhibitor’s pedestal.


  • Internet connectivity will be offered at no cost, provided CableLabs is able to secure reasonable pricing for this service. If this is not possible, charges for connectivity will be shared by all exhibitors using said connectivity. CableLabs is solely responsible for determining the definition of reasonable cost and for determining the necessity for additional Internet connectivity costs to CableNET exhibitors.
  • This connectivity is for the support of demonstrations within the CableNET booth only.
  • Internet connectivity will not be supplied for any demonstrations external to CableNET.
  • Connectivity between pedestals or to telecommunications equipment located elsewhere on the convention floor is the responsibility of the exhibitor and must be coordinated through the CableNET Project Manager.

phone lines

  • Exhibitors requiring outside phone lines must pay for these costs and must coordinate orders through the CableNET Project Manager.
  • Telephone lines are allowed only if they are necessary to the operation of the demonstration.

proposal responses

Please complete and submit the on-line CableNET ’14 RFP Application by Friday, March 7, 2014.

selection process

CableLabs intends to select demonstrations solely via this RFP application process. Proposals will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis. CableLabs reserves the right to not accept or later reject an exhibitor at any time and for any reason including, but not limited to unlawful or potentially unlawful activity, actual or appearance of industrial espionage, violation of facility rules or inappropriate conduct.

participation agreement (terms and conditions for participating)

  • Before your demonstration can be selected by CableLabs for participation in CableNET ’14, your company must agree to the terms and conditions for participating. If we receive your application before you agree to the terms and conditions for participating, we will review the application but it will be put on hold until you respond to the terms and conditions.
  • You can review and accept these terms and conditions by reading through the Participation Agreement, and selecting the “I ACCEPT” button on the bottom of the form.
  • Alternately, you may print a copy of the Participation Agreement if you prefer to review it off-line and discuss with others at your company.
  • If you or your attorney have any questions about the Participation Agreement, please contact the CableLabs Project Manager by e-mail.

payment due

  • Full payment also must be received by Monday, March 24, 2014.
  • Fee payment is $11,500 per display area; companies that also are exhibiting in their own separate booth or in their own show-approved Executive Suite on The 2014 Cable Show exhibit floor will be charged $8,500* per display area. This discount will be allowed only after the exhibiting company has provided a copy of the signed NCTA/2014 Cable Show contract to the CableNET project manager”at which point a revised and discounted CableNET invoice will be prepared and forwarded to the exhibiting company.
  • Payments must be sent to: Please refer to your CableNET invoice for payment directions, including mailing address and wire transfer option details.

exhibitor withdrawal

Last day to cancel without penalty, March 3, 2014. After March 3, any cancellations will incur a 75% cancellation fee (75% of $11,500).

  • Liquidated damages also will be assessed for exhibitors if the agreed-upon CableNET deadlines are not met.
  • Liquidated damages in the amount of $100 per day beyond the agreed-upon deadline may be charged as a result of missed deadlines.
  • The CableNET Project Manager will determine the companies that fail to meet CableNET deadlines.
  • Notification of missed deadlines and penalties incurred will be sent via e-mail to the exhibitor’s primary marketing contact.

confidentiality of responses

All responses will be open to CableLabs technical staff and/or CableLabs member cable companies. Therefore, no proprietary or confidential information should be submitted in response to this RFP.

cablenet/exhibitor responsibilities

CableNET management will be responsible for:

  1. Selecting demonstrations for display.
  2. Producing exhibit design, layout, and placement of demonstrations within the CableNET exhibit area.
  3. Supporting those areas bearing most directly on the technical side of the program, such as ensuring adequate powering.
  4. Providing a CableNET Project Manager as the primary contact for planning and show site management.
  5. Providing an edited, reviewed, and professionally designed and printed CableNET Information Kit.
  6. Maintaining and updating the CableNET Web site to provide information for exhibitors and to provide information for potential CableNET attendees.

CableNET exhibitors will be responsible for:

  1. Meeting all financial arrangements listed in the Payment Due section and all deadlines.
  2. Ensuring that all press releases regarding participation in CableNET have been approved by Mike Schwartz, Senior Vice President, Communications, CableLabs. Please see the CableLabs Press Release Policy on the CableLabs web site.
  3. Naming the following personnel: Primary Technical Contact, a Marketing Contact and Exhibit or Events Coordinator-each of whom would be expected to work with appropriate CableNET staff to ensure successful company participation.
  4. Providing trained personnel to explain their demonstration at the CableNET exhibit during The 2014 Cable Show hours and during all CableNET scheduled events.
  5. Ensuring that:
    1. Demonstrations are shipped on the appropriate timelines;
    2. The respondents pay for shipping; and
    3. Equipment is in working order.
    4. Exhibits and exhibitors do not represent or engage in inappropriate activities, including, but not limited to unlawful or potentially unlawful activity, actual or appearance of industrial espionage, violation of facility rules.
  6. Providing information needed for creating the CableNET-approved demonstration description and the CableNET-approved information kit description.
  7. Ensuring that:
    1. Return freight carrier is arranged;
    2. Outgoing freight paperwork is completed and submitted to show to freight office; and
    3. Equipment is repacked at close of show.

Failure to comply with these commitments will be grounds for removal from CableNET ’14.


Please e-mail your questions to

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