• Emphasizes broadband content, applications and services.
  • Features innovative demonstrations.
  • Highlights the benefits of cable™s broadband capabilities.


The first CableNET was 2,700 square feet in size and featured 24 companies. It was held as part of The Western Show, a now defunct convention held annually in southern California. A handful of leading suppliers”EDS, Nortel and Unisys to name a few”donated their personnel and exhibit property to help construct and staff the booth. The following year, booth space increased to 5,000 square feet and included more than 50 demonstrating companies. Over the next few years, CableNET continued expanding to approximately 10,000 square feet of exhibition space and featured the most advanced products and services demonstrated by more than 70 of the most progressive companies in the industry.

As an incubator for broadband technology, CableNET showcases the advances that the cable industry has made in providing new services for the end user. Over the years, pre-DOCSIS® cable modems, which enable high-speed data service, have been introduced, as has the ability to deliver voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Building on the technical foundation of cable modems, today multimedia platforms provide access to online games, movies, and music. Interactive television provides access to home shopping and interactive program guides. Also first shown at CableNET were technologies to enable in-home broadband networking, which helps consumers to manage the delivery of multimedia and Internet-based services in their residence.

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