Providing Cloud Hosting As A Service

Cloud infrastructure has grown by leaps and bounds. It has become one of those options for business models to start popping up all the time. There are multiple ways that cloud can be used as a service and will reap rewards financially and there are numerous businesses that are already set up around this premise.

The idea is to use the cloud infrastructure and then begin to shape a product and/or service around that space that is being provided. It almost uses the cloud infrastructure as the foundation from which the rest of the business is deployed.

Here are a few examples of cloud as a service.

1) PaaS (Platform as a Service)

The first model being discussed here would be PasS which is used by a number of enterprises around the world. The purpose of this model is to use the cloud infrastructure as a platform for your service. An example would be a gaming platform.

This platform would be hosted through cloud infrastructure and then gamers are able to sign in to play. All of the games are then put onto the platform and this is how money is made.

It is a unique business model and is being used more and more.

Want to know one of the biggest businesses under this model? Netflix.

2) SaaS (Software as a Service)

This is another unique model and just as lucrative as PaaS. The purpose of this model is to implement software and then put it on the cloud infrastructure.

All of the software is hosted on the cloud infrastructure and it can be accessed from anywhere and used in any spot. This gives the user more control than if they were just carrying a random CD with the software on it. This control is great because most people are on the go nowadays.

Salesforce and Microsoft are regarded as being some of the biggest SaaS companies in the world.

3) Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service)

The final one is perhaps the hardest because it is wholly reliant on the infrastructure and uses it as the “product”. In essence, you are loaning off space on this built-up infrastructure and putting a premium on it. What is the purpose of this model?

The goal is to give clients the chance to use the infrastructure to host their own businesses and you are paid monthly/yearly for space. In return, you are not only giving space, but you are maintaining the infrastructure so that it does not falter over time.

This is how cloud can be used as a service and these three models are highly lucrative. There are quite a few businesses that are now using this method to earn money and they are making millions doing it. There are massive businesses that have set up their own infrastructure to use cloud as a service.

It is one of the best ways to get into modern business and remain future-proof in terms of growth and general scalability. Business have a lot of leg room with these models.

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