3 Reasons Why You Should Use Cloud Hosting

Business is a game where you either win or lose. It is a treacherous path of managing risks, decision-making, organizing and planning.  As the world becomes more reliant on the advantages of technology, entrepreneurship is also becoming more and more competitive by the hour.

Just imagine yourself going to war with a Model 1875 Remington Revolver. Yes, it is classy, and it emanates a certain old western soul. Then again, how do you see yourself faring when your competition holds in their hand an AK47 with GP-25 40mm underbarrel grenade launcher. It is fair to say that you wouldn’t win that matchup.

That is an accurate metaphor for how you could end up in business when you don’t compete and are not well equipped – afloat, drifting and lifeless.

In today’s world, competing means you need to be technologically well-equipped.

That is why it is vital that you, a businessman or an upcoming entrepreneur, take advantage of the benefits of technology. Take note of what technologies and services can benefit your business. When you want fast and reliable accounting services, get Xero software. When you want services that cater to your increasing advertising needs, then it is important to contact SEO companies. Simply put, technology gives you the upper hand.

Business and technology crossroads

In this light, one of the most utilized technologies in the business world right now is Cloud Hosting. Cloud hosting refers to the method of configuring servers in a flexible way, providing hosting for websites on virtual servers which pull their computing resource from wide-ranging networks of physical web servers.

It is actually a more efficient alternative to hosting websites through either a dedicated or shared server. Technically speaking, cloud hosting can be considered an application of clustered hosts in which websites or services are run through multiple servers. With cloud hosting, the network of servers that are used is vast and often drawn from various data centers located in different spots across the globe.

cloud computing diagram

So what exactly is the benefit of cloud hosting for your business?

It’s Reliable

Your website is your weapon in the business arena. You can go as far as to say that when you have a website, you are now in the running for competing with others in your industry. It makes you appear dedicated and ready to provide the services and products that your potential customers need. Cloud hosting makes it easier to host your website in a manner that is more reliable than dedicated or shared hosting. Aside from the technicalities of cloud hosting, it follows a relatively simple logic.

cloud computing

In dedicated or shared hosting, computing resource is actually drawn from a single or shared server. This means that when one physical server crashes, the system will be unable to function, thus causing many issues on your website. On the other hand, in cloud hosting, the aforementioned issues are very easily managed.  Since computing resource is pulled from various virtual servers across the map, cloud hosting isolates each server’s issues so that they will not affect the rest. This method guarantees that potential concerns on one server do not automatically affect the other servers’ activity. Less hassle, more sales!

Use what you need

One of the most convenient functions of cloud hosting in the field of business is its flexibility and scalability. Basically, the computing resource of cloud computing is available in real time. Compared to shared and dedicated hosting, it is not limited to the physical restrictions or capabilities of a server. That is why you get ONLY what you want or need to use. Plus, hosting in a dedicated server can be costly.

cloud computing image

Case in point – when there is a spike of visitors in your website; you get to access computing resource almost instantly because of the high-powered networking servers. Cloud hosts can handle sudden website traffic ‘bursts’ in case there is a surge of activity on your website. On the other hand, when your website has a particularly small amount of visitors or activity, you can access just the right amount of computing resource to save on cash.

Basically, you can tap into the service as much as you need depending on the demand of your website. Thus, you only pay what you use.  Not only does that lessen your cost, it makes it much more affordable too!

It’s safe and secure

Data and content is valuable for websites, and websites, obviously, are highly valuable in business. Thus, it is safe to say that data and content is important for business. Content is what sells your products and services, and it makes your website interactive and appealing to potential customers. It can be in the form of text, which means write ups and featured articles. It can also be digital – such as photos and videos – to keep the audience hooked.

It takes an ample amount of time to assemble a website along with its content. Imagine having your website and its contents become unavailable because of an issue in the physical server. You have just broken the golden rule of business: time is money. In addition to that, you may also lose some visitors who might just be willing to utilize your services or purchase your products.

data protection key

This is where security comes in. Cloud hosting offers a new brand of security for your website and its contents. Due to the fact that server data is spread across multiple servers in different locations, information hosted in a cloud hosting server is sheltered from hardware failure. Add to the fact that cloud hosting companies now employ automated backups and snapshots, cloud hosting ensures that your website and its contents are consistently safe and are updated for your consumers.

Aside from data security, the underlying physical servers of cloud hosts get added security in their respective data centers. These servers receive high security measures in order to prevent other people from illegally accessing data through the physical server. This is actually equally integral because access of information by unauthorized people can cause major problems on your website. They can disrupt the system of cloud hosting. Thus, it is important to keep your data secured, and your money-making digital tool safe.

All in all, you can clearly see that cloud hosting plays a major role in this ever-evolving era. The different markets of different industries are constantly changing. From window shopping to online shopping, the world market is catching up on the trend. It is for this reason that your business should look to develop in various ways by incorporating technology. This product of innovative thinking has created a completely different perspective on how to do business.

Cloud computing seems to be a perfect solution for your business needs. From advertising to market expansion, the benefits of this web hosting service are endless. Not only does it make it easier to access websites, it is also reliable, scalable, affordable and secured. With this high end technology, it is now an excellent option to use in hosting websites that your business needs when you actually want to be competitive.

In business, you compete or you cease to exist. It is transition or extinction. Cloud hosting could be the difference between the two for your business.


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