The Workplace Brewmaster – Which coffee to drink at the right place at the right time

Coffee is a language in itself.

If Jackie Chan can declare a whole new perspective on coffee, you should be able to see past its aromatic, bitter-sweet-creamy taste, and feel its real power.

There is a big chance you already have your cup for the day. Perhaps you’re on your way to get your second serving. Whatever cup number you are on, you always deserve this hot, steamy goodness in a cup. You should be follow your heart, let your nose admire the strong scent, and drink up.

coffee for veinsThere seems to be millions of variations of coffee that the new world offers. Your traditional black coffee has evolved to a cup of a multi-colored brew with a touch of everything in it. However, it still tries to speak to you in a new aromatic language. You just need to stop and listen to what it says.

Coffee offers different effects to different people. It could offer you a whole new world the moment your lips engage its golden taste. It just lets loose its grip on you when your nose takes a whiff of the last scent molecule from the cup. More than what you would admit, coffee makes your day in the office a whole lot different as compared to the insipid aura of a coffee-less day.

Whether it’s physiological or psychological, majority of professionals start their day with coffee. They drink coffee before their lunch. They swarm the office Cafepoint Vending machine during their coffee break. They even look for coffee to unwind after a day’s work. Now that’s too much coffee.


The question now remains – which coffee should I drink?


Just sit back, relax and enjoy your cup of coffee as you decipher the language behind its luscious essence. Learn which coffee best fits you at the right place at the right time.

Start your day with a cup of Brewed Coffee

After beating the traffic on your way to work, you can now begin the treacherous road towards the end of the line. The line that  leads you to your first cup of coffee for the day. Get the first boost of your corporate energy from the richest form of coffee – the Brewed Coffee.

brewed coffeeJumpstart your day from a cup of this well-processed, slowly extracted and dutifully pressed coffee. It is the perfect type of coffee to let your body know that it’s time to do business. The strong, soothing taste triggers a reaction from the brain all the way to the last nerve, saying “Let’s begin…”

Among the types of coffee, the brewed one is one of the most time-sensitive batches as it requires patience. Talk about a quick challenge before you get your cup. However, it makes up for its delayed gratification as it is one of the cheapest. Just get the coffee grounds (which are inexpensive), put it in the coffee maker (which you buy inexpensively for your own pleasure), and let time fly.

Voila! You get yourself a freshly brewed coffee.

Overall, brewed coffee packs a lot of punch with its strong taste, strong aroma and strong character. It is the perfect combination to liven up your senses and get things rolling in the office. Just make sure you bring your patience with you as you prepare your drink for the ensuing office work that you are about to face.

Though the traditional brewing process in every home takes a couple of minutes to get a cup, technology and innovation has made it faster and more efficient for you. It is a good thing that programmable coffeemakers are making the life of brewed coffee drinkers a little more convenient and a lot more hyped up.

Keep it up with the mid-morning run with Espresso

After jumpstarting your brain to get the ball rolling, there will come a time where you will find yourself battling the mid-morning snooze monster. You thought you’re already up for the whole day, until you reach the 10am mark, and your mind starts to gradually shut down.

Espresso to the rescue.

espressoEspresso is a powerful black coffee that is the result of merging natural flavors and heavy beating. An extremely hot (almost at boiling point) stream of water is forced through roast dark coffee beans at high pressure in an espresso machine. This creates the famous scents in any coffee outlets. To put the final touches, a blend of sweetener, and sometimes a thick, foamy cream is laced on top.

In essence, espresso is the base for a wide array of other coffee types. The differentiating factor is mostly what type of complementary flavour will be added to the black coffee. However, the purists follow the stringent tradition of just adding a teaspoon of sugar to achieve the raw taste of espresso.

Having a cup of this powerfully flavorful coffee makes the sleepy head jump into action. It is as if a defibrillator is struck on your waning battery, and you immediately get back on track at an optimum level. Just make sure you get the shot just right.

Some go for “short” and drink it with less water. This is the perfect shot to equip yourself if you need to run through 3 reports, a sales presentation and a planning session – all due in one hour.

Now, if it’s still too strong for your sensitive taste buds, you can opt for the “long” espresso, with its higher hot water content. Though it’s relatively weaker espresso, what remains can still whoop you up and keep you on track.

Run the final lap with an Americano

If you feel that the world is as heavy as Mike Tyson on a little kitten, you need to loosen up and stretch out your muscles for the final minutes of the working hours. If your day is as jam-packed as the Boston Marathon, you can start making it more exciting and invigorating by gulping an Americano.

Basically, an Americano a shot of espresso added into a cup of hot water. In essence, it is a diluted espresso. “Coffee scholars” claim that the name of this type of coffee began because of how it is prepared. It is called an Americano because its dilution process served as a way to belittle Americans. They were unable to take in the full strength of a straight up espresso way back when coffee was just coffee. They had to added in more water to the espresso shot to take in the bitterness of the coffee.

Eventually, the type gained recognition as an acceptable drink. Furthermore, Americano lovers perfected the blend, creating a mild taste to the aromatic beauty of the dark coffee.
iced coffeeIf you just need to rattle your nerves and make it through the final stretch of the day, “Americanize” your espresso and make it a little less concentrated. Just make it tangy enough to make your eyes wide enough to finish your paperwork on time. Also, if the office stress heats you up, you can take in you Americano with a twist. Just add some ice and some cream to enjoy a cool blend.

Hang out with friends and be playful with your Latte

The day is done. You need to unwind. Not in the mood for a little happy hour? Why not celebrate another successful day with a quick shot of the frothiest, creamiest and most delectable Latte in town.

Latte is another off-shoot of espresso. If you are not the strong-black-taste kinda guy, you will definitely enjoy the mouth-watering zest of latte. It is practically a shot of espresso with a dominating amount of milk. Needless to say, this flavorful blend is one of the most popular drinks in any coffee shop in the market.

After being the passionate, driven and goal-setting individual that you are, you need to make time for a quick R&R with you best buds to wrap up the day. Latte makes for a good companion over some quick catching up with friends, co-workers, long-lost relatives or old schoolmates.

When was the last time you called anyone up for a fresh brew and chat?

If you’re not in the mood to round up the gang and binge over latte, you can simply enjoy the milky, swirly goodness of a coffee cup with yourself. It’s a nice way to get in touch with the inner you and see how far you’ve gone. At the same time, seeing the next latte art (a fern, a smiley or even Mona Lisa) on your cup can make your day a little bit more uplifting and rewarding.

By the end of the day, you may have emptied one cup, a pair or even a whole crate of coffee. Just remember that in spite of its delicious, unrelenting taste, moderation is still the key to coffee heaven. Instead of giving you the boost of energy you need for the day, being too excited over it, and coffee binging  may harm you. Just be mindful of the palpitations when they start kicking in. Learn to control the voice within.
One more cup…